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  • milwaukee 5315-22 1-1/2-inch sds-max rotary hammer kit with case and bits

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    This 1/2in. Drill provides exceptional clarity. The switch is connected to a Speed Dial for speed and blow energy can be adapted to the application or accessory. The bit locking, one hand on the introduction of the pieces. U.S. Wireless: No, Rated: 190-385, Amps: 11, Variable Speed: Yes, Capacity Bit solids ( ): The milwaukee rotary hammer ability to 1 1 / 2, a base (inches): 6 Ways Percussion: drums, percussion with rotation, counts per minute (BMP): 17,000 to 34,000 Target: Yes

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  • milwaukee m18 compact bandsaw 2629-22

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    Milwaukee Band Saw resistant magnesium upper and lower electronic overload 3500 RPM Guard Powered by lithium-ion 18V 8.5 pounds (including battery) Comes with: 2630 Sierra (2) 18V XC Chargers hours Framing Blade Contractor Bag Guide

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  • milwaukee 9079-22 18-volt ni-cad 1/2-inch cordless impact wrench

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    Milwaukee Impact Driver with a robust motor current Milwaukee, he can not perform the main activities with an electric screwdriver that could be done in the past. Remove the nuts from vehicle tires in July, driving large lag bolts deep into wood and large holes in telephone poles can be easily reached with a big impact. It also has a switch 25 A robust Marquardt and a metal front to deal with the abuse of the use of difficult times. In addition to the duration, the instrument is very easy to use. A variable is pleasant to the touch, easy to use, front / rear for many difficult tasks with ease. U.S. Wireless: Yes, Max. Torque (ft-lbs.): 270 rounds per minute (BPM): 2200 Drive (inch): 1 / 2 load speed (RPM): 1,400, Reversible: Yes, Amps: N / A, V: 18; Batteries Included: Yes, (2) 2.4Ah batteries, charger included: Yes, they included: Yes

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  • worx 18v cordless reciprocating saw wt505 (tool only, battery and charger not included)

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    The exchange 18V WORX cordless saw with orbital action has four settings, use features such as variable speed, adjustable front seats shoe and the blade 30 patented WORX secondTM change. Bare tool only, including battery and charger Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw

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  • milwaukee 6580-20 6.5 amp screwdriver

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    The milwaukee screw gun mobile operator in the U.S.: No RPM, Volts: 120, Rating: (/ lbs.) 0-1200, torque: 10% u2013 140 amp: 6.5, Variable Speed: Yes, with a belt clip: Yes

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  • milwaukee 48-09-0310 dust bag assembly

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    Long-term use, some items needed to replace vehicles. Use of spare parts recommended by Milwaukee Vacuum for durability and maximum performance from your Milwaukee tool. If you can not find an accessory or component, please contact Milwaukee milwaukeetool.com repair. Specifications Model: 6017-6 Sander employment. area is free of dust collection ever. easy to throw the bag

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  • factory-reconditioned bare-tool milwaukee 0740-80 28-volt cordless v28 lithium-ion 6-7/8-inch metal cutting saw (tool only, no battery)

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    This is a redesign of power tools in the factory. Refurbished usually means that the device manufacturer Milwaukee Circular Saws, who brings the tool back to new condition will be returned. Some tools may contain cosmetic blemishes. Includes 28V Cordless V28 Lithium-Ionen-6-7/8-in visa (single instrument)% u2013 0740-80, saw blade, rip fence, wrench, a tool% u2013 battery and charger sold separately Product Guide

  • milwaukee 48-20-8845 hammer drill bit 3/4-by-4-by-6-inch

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    3 flat blade securely deliver superior quality, performance and longevity of life. The three tree pot grip is designed to fit every 1 2 3 pine Milwaukee Hammer Drill and reduces the chance to bring something to feed to high torsional loads. Fast exercises and other exercises over the market because of their increased flute geometry and carbide design. No. 48208845: 3 4”x 4”x 6”

  • Milwaukee Compact Drill, Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

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    Milwaukee Cordless Combo M18 2691 team consists of 24 wireless controller combo compact instrument 4 (2601 1920), the law Sega (2620 1920), Saw (2630 1920), light work (49 24 0171). M18 patented wireless technology and electronics, unique ergonomic design and superior energy efficiency, weight and performance in this area. Powered by a lithium-ion battery-M18 offers more torque, more power and more competition. “Properties”. M18 is a utility 2”trapano 400 / LB, and only July 3 4”a long. M18 Sega found the right protective equipment switch patented balanced. 1. June M18 circular contains 2”sega min 3500 rpm. / Min magnesium top and bottom guard resistance. M18 offers a light and hook hands rotate the head 135 to direct light in the workplace. Includes: (2) 18V Li-Ion XC (48 November 1828), 18V battery charger (48 59 1801) Auxiliary handle (1), General Purpose blade on the right side (1) Bags Circular artist.

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  • Milwaukee Magnum Sander/Grinder

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    USA Wheel Diameter (mm): 4 1 / 2, Power: 8.5 (RPM): 10,000, HP: 1.6, Switch Type: Switch to water, trees, thread: 5/8in. x 11, shaft: Yes, Side Handle: Yes, 3-position, Variable Speed: No wheel included: Yes, the important part: No min 8.5A, 10,000 RPM, AC-DC: Yes, the case. Gears of performance and durability. All ball and roller design. Belly guard without tools. Milwaukee Angle Grinder Limited to 30 days without risk of investigation.

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