Bed Frame Headboard Review

This header is a great value, functional and very elegant, once in its entirety. This saves space if you have a narrow room, like us, who can not sleep on the night table. Assembly is not too difficult if you are getting a bit before. Some pieces are very fragile until they are reunited. Just take it very slowly, carefully read instructions and help with large pieces. King met with the head just above our bed was comfortable that the best place to do it, and then it was easy to transfer to the plant with the help of my husband. Also, I ‘I made two holes in the back plate and pass through cables with a knife in my hole. It’s best practice holes before adding the return, in order to better protect the lining. Just click on the rear head restraints fitted case, measure and mark the holes, if necessary, and return to a safe location on the ground where you can drill holes. Drill slowly and get a good result. We are very pleased with this Bed Frame Headboard.

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